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Kiberndasky is an agricultural and biotech company registered in Kenya. We are currently rearing Black Soldier Flies (BSF) which are nothing short of a wonder of nature. We are rearing them because they are a game changer for the food industry on both ends. As some of nature’s best decomposers and waste converters, they consume and convert organic food waste into a useful organic fertiliser and soil improver, providing a sustainable means for bio-waste management. The BSF Larvae themselves are protein-rich and their high quality protein is useful in the animal feed industry and in aquaculture.
Originally envisioned as a waste management project, Kiberndasky has grown into an enterprise that solves multiple problems by utilizing insects to transform food waste into sustainable products for the global market.

Our Products

5-7 day old Larvae

Whole Dried BSF Larvae

Frass / Organic Fertiliser

BSF Starter Kits

BSF Trainings

Why BSF Composters?

The Black Soldier Fly is a more effective bio-waste decomposer, working faster than bacteria in the right numbers.

The black soldier fly does not spread disease as the adult fly does not eat or drink

Their digestive processes kill any bacteria that they may encounter in their own food.

The larvae of the black soldier fly are about 90% protein and fats making them excellent feeds for chicken, livestock and fish

The digested bio matter is immediately useful as safe organic manure that can be used on any kind of farm.


BSF farming has reduced environmental impact as compared to other alternative protein sources.

All products can be used for more sustainable and regenerative agriculture. BSF farming is indeed a circular economy.

Creates Employment , empowering mostly women who are more skilled in the tactile aspects of BSF farming

Competitively priced against other protein sources.

Contain higher quality protein than the traditional food supplements

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